Magic Relationship Words – How To Communicate

Do you want to be able to communicate better in your relationship?

The Power of Communication To Create a Happy Relationship


What Is Magic Relationship Words?

Inside this e-guide you get specific tips on how you could begin using only the right words when talking to your partner. When it comes to relationships, communication and connection they play important roles.  This can determine whether couples connect with and understand each other or they do not. This program will offer you 100 words, phrases, and sentence starters that actually work like magic. Also, there are two recordings that instruct you how to use trust building words and phrases when you talk to your partner or spouse that build trust.

How The Book Works

The e-book is divided into chapters. Each chapter has 3 distinct parts. Concretely, the first part will reveal to you the magic words, phrases, or sentences. The second part will explain or share the reasons why these words, phrases, or sentences could work like “magic” for you in your relationship. And, the third part will provide you with examples of these words in real action. To help you have more specific view about the content of this new product, my entire Magic Relationship Words review will offer you some deep insights on using the right words.

A Few Examples Of Starter Sentences:

  • I have notice that…” – These are magic relationship words as they start a conversation in a way that can bring the attention of your partner to a certain situation that you want to change, shift, or be different.
  • Can you tell me more about…?” – This phrase will allow you to get curious about a situation in the relationship. It indicates to your own spouse or partner that you are stepping out of the role of judging and into the one where you are really enthusiastic.
  • “I’m feeling…” – This could be a wonderful statement indicating what is true for you in this moment about a specific situation. Also, it is also a good way to get someone to listen to you when speaking.
  • “Up until now…” – This phrase is used when you feel compelled to speak about the past tendencies which have not well served you.
  • “What’s next?” or “Now what?” – These questions could help you as well as your spouse start where two of you are and determine where you wish to go and what the next step should be.
  • “Could” – not “Should” – Instead of using “should”, going for “could” will create a great difference. As “could” offers the feeling of possibility and choice whilst “should” seems to express a limited sense of choice and might trigger the emotion of powerless for some individuals.Relationship
  • “Thank you for…” – Saying “thank you” and “thanks” to someone can bring great effects. It can show that you are appreciating that person for specific, meaningful actions or things.
  • “I need help…” – Basing on the contexts, this is a good way to let your spouse or partner know that you are handling with difficult emotions which may or may not relate to her or him.
  • And much more

Meet the Authors

Since 1999 Susie and Otto Collins have been coaches, mentors and guides to hundreds of thousands of men, women and couples all over the world.  This is designed for those who want to have more love, passion and connection in their relationship, marriages and lives.

RelationshipThey have written and created some very successful and helpful books, courses and programs including “Magic Relationship Words”, “Should You Stay or Should you Go?”, “Stop Talking On Eggshells”, “Relationship Trust Turnaround”, “Hypnotize His Heart” and many others.

Although they have been featured on many national and international media outlets like, Men’s Fitness magazine, Huffington Post, BBC and Yahoo shine– our real passion is connecting with people like you and doing whatever we can to help you create more love in your life and more life in your love.

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